Wichtig beim Kauf von Safran in Deutschland

Price of saffron per kilo in Germany
The price sale of kilograms of saffron in Germany and the concentration of businessmen and companies in this market has led to the export and sale of saffron in Germany.
Selling Price Selling Saffron in Germany and Mashhad is the same.
But what about its types and qualities?


Price of saffron per kilo in Germany

Sale of saffron kilo in Germany

How is buying a kilo of saffron?
In the Mashhad market, price sales are done mainly and partially.
But which is more appropriate for people who want to work in this market (buying and exporting saffron)?
We will answer this question below.

price of saffron per kilo in Germany 2.5 € Partial shopping of saffron Major sale of saffron

Major sales of saffron

Partial shopping of saffron

In partial shopping you face challenges such as:
Pay different packaging costs
You’ll get a profit later (unless you sell at least 10,000)
Matching the packaging to the customer’s taste in the retail market
Reduce costs by providing low quality product
Price Concerns in Price-Oriented Market (Saffron Price)

Saffron sales

Major sale of saffron

But you will find it easy to make major sales of saffron because:
You don’t spend your money on the cost of partial packaging
Earnest Profits (Selling at least 5 Kg of Saffron in a Deal)
You don’t have to worry about different packaging types
You offer a high quality product
In the quality-driven game where saffron quality is important

Price of 1 kg saffron in the Netherlands


How is buying a kilo of saffron?

What is the price of bulk saffron today?
saffron king business Company, as a manufacturer and exporter of exported saffron, offers different types of exported saffron in different weights.
You can contact our experts to place an order.
Sale price of one kilo saffron in Germany Grade 1 in weights between 1 and 10 kg See the table below:

price of saffron per kilo in Germany 2.5 € Partial shopping of saffron Major sale of saffron

Prijs van saffraan in Nederland vandaag


Price of Sargol Saffron Day in Mar 2020

Today’s Price of Conventional Sargol Saffron 1.120 € 

Pen Powdered Saffron Price in Mar 2020

Day Powder Saffron Exported Price 1.230 €

Negin Saffron Day Price in Mar  2020

Negin Saffron Price 1.420 €

Below you can see the price per kilogram of saffron in weights of 10 to 25 kg and 25 to 50 kg and 50 to 100 kg depending on the type of saffron.

Click here for a list of bulk exported saffron bulk purchase prices:

Buying and Selling saffron

The Benefits of Buying Saffron from Saffron king business Company
The most important advantage of contacting Saffron King business is that you will receive exported saffron at a reasonable price.
(We cultivate saffron and go through the process of obtaining export certificates and labs, etc. You can get saffron ready for export)

price of saffron per kilo in Germany 2.5 € Partial shopping of saffron Major sale of saffron

Saffron Day Trading Prices

Advantages to buy saffron

The second and most obvious advantage is that:
Individuals and companies that act as intermediaries between the producer and the customer will make the most of their profits through bulk price sales of saffron.
Because they do not incur the costs of packaging and … and receive saffron in bulk at a more reasonable price than partial packaging and thus have a better profit.

Saffron king business Company

which cultivates saffron as a producer in Iran and Afghanistan, can offer different types of saffron in different weights.

Contact our experts right now to place an order. +4917687913876

The Benefits of Buying Saffron from Saffron King business Company
How to cooperate with Saffron King business Company
Corporate Collaboration (Contractor):

price of saffron per kilo in Germany 2.5 € Partial shopping of saffron Major sale of saffron

Why is saffron expensive in the markets?

sale saffron as a wholesale

We are active in the field of wholesale sales and it is possible for all companies to sell domestically in Iran or in other countries after receiving the required international saffron and certificates from us.
Businesses that want to sell wholesale or partially domestically or in other countries can receive their order in our company default packaging or their own packaging (on a per-order basis). .

Buy saffron from our company

Sale of saffron and Buy saffron from our company:
Based on the capacity of our company, we are ready to cooperate with domestic and foreign industrial companies that are either consumer or exporters under a formal contract (quarterly / six-month / one-year / three-year / five-year, etc.) .
After initial confirmation of the order and preliminary negotiations on how the export cooperates, the details of the contract will be formally emailed to the opposing company.

Saffron King business company


Saffron King business company

Collaboration with Saffron King business Company

As the price of saffron per kilo in Germany and Mashhad is changing, the delivery conditions and price per kilo of saffron will be up to date according to the same time frame.
Provisional certificates will only be issued for the export of the same goods having the expiry date of export.
Documents required for temporary export will be shipped with the order.
Prior to delivery of the original order, 250 to 500 grams will be shipped as sample.

Taste maker of Saffron


Taste maker of Saffron

price of saffron per kilo in Germany 2.5 € Partial shopping of saffron Major sale of saffron

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