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Prices of saffron in Europe

Sale of bulk saffronSaffron sales branch in EuropeBulk saffron pricesExport of saffronPrice per kilo of saffronBuy bulk and packaged saffronWholesale saffronPrices of saffron in Europe

European countries are one of the most important buyers of Iranian bulk saffron.
Saffron King saffron branches in Europe offer the best types of red gold to the country’s market.
The Prices of saffron in Europe with bulk packaging varies between $ 650 _ $ 1,100.

Sale of bulk saffron

Sale of bulk saffron
Sale of bulk saffron

The current red gold market is not very stable and we are witnessing unusual figures for buying and selling this product.
Today, each kilo of saffron sells for between $ 890 and $ 1,500.
One thing that has occupied the minds of economic activists in the red goldfield is that:
Despite the high price of the product, is there an economic justification for exporting saffron to Europe and other export destinations?

Saffron sales branch in Europe

Saffron KING Company is a wholesaler and exporter of Iranian red gold and Afghan saffron.
The global company’s sales branches operate in most countries.
Saffron sales agency in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria is one of the best-selling and active centers of the prestigious KING brand.
In this center, the best types of products are offered in bulk and packaged at good prices.

Bulk saffron prices

Bulk saffron prices
Bulk saffron prices

Each kilo of KING grade A saffron sells for an average of $ 1,200 to $ 1,600 in the market.
Of course, the amount of the order has a direct effect on determining the final price.
For example, the mentioned figure is applied for ordering 1 _ 50 kg of the product.
While the price of bulk saffron for orders of 200 kg and above are discounted up to $ 620 _ 710.

Export of saffron

Saffron KING delivers the product order to the customer’s address in all countries where it has an office or sales branch.
We export saffron to all over the European Union and in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey through the DDP method.
That is, if the esteemed buyer requests any amount of product (from 1 kg to several tons), it will be delivered to the desired address in the shortest possible time.
Currently, on the occasion of the opening of a new branch of the company in the United Arab Emirates and several other countries, the price of saffron in these branches is offered with a 15% discount.

Price per kilo of saffron

The selling price of red gold is determined according to specific cases.
Product type and grade
Order amount
Order delivery destination
Product packaging type
These 4 items, along with a series of other factors, determine the price of each kilogram of saffron in the world market.

Buy bulk and packaged saffron

Buy bulk and packaged saffron
Buy bulk and packaged saffron

The KING store in Dubai mainly offers its products.
Packages of 250 grams up to 5 kg are available for sale in bulk in this center.
In retail, an order of 5000 packages of one gram will be delivered to you.
In addition, to buy tonnage and bulk, the amount of 250 grams of the requested product will be presented to the buyer.

Wholesale saffron

Saffron sales center in Europe, like other branches of KING Company, mainly offers its products.
All kinds of red gold in Iran and Afghan saffron are planted by our company.
Because the products of this collection are directly from the company’s farms in the Ghana region, Khorasan city, and Mashhad city, and in Afghanistan, Herat province is the center of saffron production.
The sales rate is favorable for buyers and they can get a good profit by buying saffron from this company and selling it to the market.

Prices of saffron in Europe

Because this product has various packages, so the Prices of saffron in Europe
It depends on several factors.
Contact our experts to buy premium saffron.
We are a wholesaler of saffron.
Do you also want to buy the highest quality products at the best price?

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