Wholesale saffron sellers

Which countries are the main sellers of exporting saffron?
One of the major sellers of saffron in Europe are Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King Business Companies in the Netherlands.
In the following, we will consider the difference between the selling price of exporting saffron in Europe and the price of exporting saffron per kilo in Iran.

Saffron in bulk and partial

Wholesale saffron sellers in Europe

The price of Iranian saffron in Europe is between 3 and 8 euros.
Saffron consumption in Europe has mostly commercial (export to other countries) and self-medication aspect.
Most buyers of saffron in Europe are companies and traders who are members of the European Union.

Buy saffron in quantity

Saffron export tariff to Australia

In the following table, you can see the price of saffron in Europe in Euros in the weights of 1 to 10, 10 to 25 and 25 to 50 and 50 to 100 kg and select the option you want.
Various companies operate in the field of saffron wholesale.
Meanwhile, Saffron King Business in Europe has extensive activities in the field of selling saffron per kilogram in Europe.
Representatives of our sales agents in Europe are active in Germany, France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, etc.

Sales of exporting saffron

Sales of exporting saffron

If you want to buy saffron in  your country , other Asian countries and in Europe we offer you the best saffron right now. +31613963190

What are the features of the best exporting saffron?
In the field of buying and selling saffron for export, there are some points that should be considered.
When buying saffron for export, we see different types of saffron that are different in terms of saffron type and quality.
But what is the best exporting saffron?
As we mentioned before, we are active in the field of saffron production and saffron export.

How to buy saffron?

How to buy saffron?

Almas Saffron Jahan and Saffron King business Companies are one of the wholesale centers of saffron in Tehran and one of the major sellers of saffron in Europe and Wholesale saffron sellers
But what are the features of the exporting saffron that produced in this center?
1. If you want a special type of saffron, we can present it to you.
2. We can present you saffron that we produce for the market if you want in Iran or in the destination country.

Wholesaler of Iranian saffron

Wholesaler of Iranian saffron

We can deliver any amount of saffron you want directly to your company, store and home.
Because of the commercial importance of Tehran province, most commercial companies are concentrated in this province.
The purchase price of saffron per kilo in Tehran and the wholesale price of saffron in Mashhad are not different.
In the following, the price of exporting saffron per kilo in Tehran is provided to you.

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