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Super Negin and Saffron King

Super Negin and Saffron KingSaffron variety: Saffron KingThe shape of the saffronThe price for Super Negin and Saffron King
Export von iranischem Safran

In this article today, we look at the difference between the well-known saffron variety Super Negin and our own brand Saffron King.
You will get information about the quality differences (colour strength, aroma, etc..) between these two varieties.
We are Saffron King Business, one of the best known saffron wholesalers on the European market.
Our aim is to offer you the best service with the best conditions.

Super Negin and Saffron King

Super Negin and Saffron King

Super Negin saffron variety is one of the high quality varieties on the international market. In this variety, many features stand out:

The color:
The quality of the color is usually checked in the laboratory. This is usually referred to as „Crocin“. The average crocin value of normal saffron is between 200 and 215 crocin. Our company offers Super Negin exclusively above 275+ crocin.

When consuming saffron, special attention is often paid to the aroma. In this regard, there are no uniform values that can be compared in the laboratory. However, it can be said that the more intense the saffron aroma, the better the quality of saffron.
Super Negin has a very strong aroma which immediately stands out compared to a conventional Sargol saffron.

Bitterness, like color (crocin), is also analyzed in the laboratory. Here is the talk of Picrocrocin. On average, in the international market, this value is between 65 and 80 picrocrocine. The Picrocrocine value for Super Negin Saffron at Saffron King is 95+.

Super Negin and Saffron King

Saffron variety: Saffron King

Our in-house saffron brand Saffron King is by far the best saffron variety on the European market. Let’s take a look together at why this is the case.

Saffron King’s crocin values are over 300! These are by far the highest values you will see in a saffron variety.

It has a very intense aroma, which is ensured by the special storage at our company.

The picrocrocin values here are 110, which is 30% higher than other conventional saffron varieties.

Another factor is the shape of the saffron. More specifically, how does the saffron arrive at the customer? Does it arrive broken and with impurities? Or is every thread healthy and whole?

Saffron variety: Saffron King

The shape of the saffron

As already mentioned, during the transport of saffron it can happen that individual threads break and thus the actual long shape becomes very short and shrinks even further.
We counteract this „wear process“ by paying special attention to how our saffron is packed and shipped.
In particular, we pay special attention to our Saffron King variety to ensure that the saffron is 100% healthy and arrives at our customer unbroken and without impurities.
Our packaging is designed to cushion pressure so that the saffron does not arrive undamaged. Also in the transport, we use the best transport companies, so that our saffron is handled with special care.

The shape of the saffron

The price for Super Negin and Saffron King

We are a wholesaler of saffron. We have been producing and exporting saffron all over the world for more than 12 years now. Since we have our own plantations, we can send you saffron from Iran and Afghanistan directly, without any middlemen.
That is why our prices are very reasonable:
You get from us the Super Negin saffron when ordering up to 5 kg from 1800 – 1900 € per kilo. If you order more than 5 kg, you will receive a quantity discount depending on the order quantities.
Saffron King, on the other hand, is available for orders of 10 kg. Here the price per kilo is 2700 – 2900 €.

If you are now interested in getting more information about our saffron varieties, you can contact us now

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